4 Queries Related To Virgin Brazilian Human Hair

Are you looking for a wig that gives a natural look? Are you still unaware of why people prefer virgin Brazilian human hair over any other type?  Do you know what exactly this hair type has to offer? How difficult or easy is it to take care of wigs and extensions made up of this hair type? Well, hold on tight! Today in this blog we shall discuss briefly why choosing the wigs or extensions made up of virgin Brazilian human hair can make you gracefully outshine from the rest and resolve other related queries.

1) What does virgin Brazilian human hair mean?

This implies a type of hair that hasn't undergone any chemical process such as permeated, dyed, blow-dried, steam-treated or other. It comes naturally from a single person and is not artificial.

2) What makes them different?

The virgin Brazilian human hair has great color and textures that make them stand apart from any other type. Let's have a look from a broader level on this aspect.

  • Natural Appearance

It is said that 'food produced without chemical processing tastes natural and is healthier' and so is the hair. The wigs made using virgin Brazilian human hair do not undergo any chemical process and therefore deliver a natural look. The reason behind their stunning appearance is that the cuticles are all unbroken and aligned in the same order.

  • Easy To Restyle

Although it is quite difficult to restyle a wig, the wigs that we have at DolaHair can be dyed and bleached. All our products are made using cent-percent virgin Brazilian human hair that is easy to color and curled. They do not smell and tangle. You do not need to sit in the salon every time to style up your hair, you can do it on your own at home. They do not get damaged on restyling frequently. Hence, you can style your hair every now and then as per your taste. Bingo!!

  • Buy Once, Use For Longer.

Unlike any other hair type, virgin Brazilian human hair wigs are easy to manage and stay loyal to their customer for a longer duration. This is because these are produced using imported cent-percent Brazilian human hair, which offers supreme quality and is most suitable for long-term use such as for a year or more. You don't have to look for a new product now and then once you purchase a wig made using this hair type. Also, fortunately, these do not become weak with frequent washing as well.

4) How To Take Care Of  Virgin Brazilian Human Hair Wigs?

Taking care of wigs and extensions made up of cent-percent virgin Brazilian human hair isn't any rocket science. The popularity of this hair type is much higher than the others that belong to the same race. This is due to the fact that these are light, soft, and have a shiny texture. Its light texture is one of the factors that makes it easier to maintain and wear. We can deliver to you a few suggestions from well-known experts that will help you cope up well with wigs and extensions made using virgin Brazilian human hair quite conveniently. With the help of such sincere efforts, you will get great results and newer confidence for a lifetime.

  • Before going to bed at night, make a braid, create a plait or set roller in your hair.
  • Make use of a silk cap or scarf to cover your head.
  • Remove your wig before you go swimming or other water sport. This will safeguard the hair from saltwater and chlorine that would result in drying out the wig.
  • Go for deep conditioning in case you have bleached, dyed, permed or used any other chemical treatment.
  • Avoid extreme heat during perming as this would lead to hair drying and may also cause hair to shed and tangle.
  • Use an ample amount of shampoo, evenly distribute across the entire scalp, and massage gently spreading it all over. Rub slowly amongst the strands. This rubbing action and the produced fiction will eliminate the dirt and residue. Once the generous amount of shampoo is spread all over, rinse thoroughly using lukewarm water.
  • Post shampooing, pour a good amount of conditioner into your palm and apply across the curls assuring full coverage, just like you did before while shampooing. Cover the entire length, keep it intact for say 5-10 minutes then wash thoroughly using warm water and clear the water gently through a towel. After it has been dried, use a wide-tooth comb to make the curls aligned in one direction.
  • Make sure you shampoo and condition your hair once a week. This will keep the hair alive preventing frizziness.


Nutshell: So, I guess, now you have understood why you should opt for a Brazilian hair wig. You can compare the qualities with any other hair type and see the difference. If you wish to buy a product that offers both longevity, stunning look, and is easy to maintain then go for this one.