5 Types of Virgin Brazilian Human Hair Wigs

The importance of hair cannot be overlooked when we talk of looks. Studies suggest that a woman's hair is one of the most important aspects of her beauty. Also, it is not always easy to change hairstyles or hair color. This is when wigs come into the picture. There are many reasons for choosing virgin Brazilian human hair wigs. Furthermore, it is one of the most convenient ways of covering hair sparse too. But do you know how many types of such wigs are available in the market? Have you ever wondered how many times you can change your look using this product conveniently? Probably not! So, today in this blog, we will enlighten you on types of virgin Brazilian human hair wigs that you can try. Let's get started:

  • 613 Lace Front Wig

Do you know what the 613 lace front wig is? It is quite simple. 613 blonde means a high-quality human hair wig that has already been dyed and bleached. Because of its light color, you can easily color it into any other shade that you wish to acquire. It will make you feel more stylish and confident. This is a type of wig hairpiece in which human hair is connected to a sheer lace base that covers the scalp. It is one of the most classy types of wigs as it comprises a clear hairline and is extremely comfortable. It delivers a natural appearance and versatility. It promises durability even if you use it regularly.

  • U Part Wig Human Hair

One of the enticing attributes of U part wig human hair is its versatility. Many times the buyers get confused while choosing between a lace front and a U-part wig. Let us tell you, the lace front wig is exclusively for those who wish to attain full coverage through natural hair while the U-part wig is for those who wish to attain a natural look. The U-part wig offers better sectioning out hair. These are best for those who desire to add a good amount of length. It delivers a break from weaves and is also a suitable option to easily take their hair off at the end of the day. Furthermore, these don't require a lot of hassle for maintenance and take less fixation time.

  • Short Bob Lace Front Wigs

Despite the continuous change in style and fashion for decades, the bob haircut has into the race. The classy short bob lace front wigs are for those ladies who are looking for a short clean-cut hairstyle. Like every other wig which is made up of virgin Brazilian hair, this wig delivers a natural look and longevity. Bob lace front wigs are one of the most demanding wigs amongst women irrespective of the shape and color of the face. It delivers a classy look and is lightweight. It's easy and time-saving fixation makes it a great choice for modern ladies that play multiple roles in life and do not have much time to get ready. These require less care and are straightforward to untangle, delivering yearned to look within seconds.

  • Deep Wave Human Hair Wig

Deep wave human hair wig is well-known for merging well with natural hair. This is a great option for the ladies who wish to show voluminous hair, hence the name deep wave. It requires care and protection against shedding and tangling. These have smooth textures, and it appears sumptuous, boosting the hair volume. These will stay with you for more than a year if proper care is taken. Deep wave wig ultimately boosts confidence by suitably refining your beauty.

  • 360 Full Lace Wigs Human Hair

One thing that makes 360 full lace wigs human hair stand apart from the rest, is its extremely easy installation. These are exclusively produced for long-term use. You can color or bleach the wig hair as per your style. The lace comprises a strong ability to breathe, so the feeling of wearing will be soft after worn. It is extremely comfortable and blends well with the scalp. Ladies are often confused while choosing between full lace and 360 full lace. The 360 full lace wigs human hair is better than full lace in a way that they are more budget-friendly and breathable. The long curls of a virgin Brazilian 360 lace human hair wig offer a "shake-n-go" style and do not require much care.


So ladies, now that we have come to the end of this blog we hope you have made your choice. We are sure that now you know which one out of the above will suit your style. Hair is one of those attributes that can make or break your style. So make sure you do not compromise with it and make your appearance count, by choosing the right wig. You can explore these and more varieties of Brazilian human hair wigs from the Dola Hair website.