Back to earlier of this summer on Instagram while many of the influencers are rocking their hair in pastel pink or neon green. Hairstylists have brought watercolor method into our cyber life and taken this trend to a whole new level. This technique is definitely made for those DIY girls like us because it is just so easy, quick and inexpensive! I’ve collected some of the methods to show how to get the ideal watercolor hair along with some of the looks from celebrities and influencers.

Popular Watercolor Hair Looks!

When SZA posted her new do: lime green hair on Instagram in August, we knew this trend is going to spread all over Instagram. Girls were afraid of trying light hair color, but this color just blended on their skin so well.

Am I right with that every girl just loves pink, including pink hair color. Surely you won’t be regretted how watercolor method bring pink hair to you. YouTuber Simone Sharice did a video on this pastel pink hair, you are definitely going to love the result she created.

Basically, watercolor method can achieve any color you want, meanwhile it saves you a lot of time and money. If you are going to try this method on your hair, just keep reading for the steps.


How to Watercolor Your Wigs

Dyeing wigs or extensions with this watercolor method is so much easier and quicker than any other method you ever tried before. If you are afraid of trying a color or fear messing up by doing it on your own, this is the technique for you.

What to prepare:

  1. 1 Bottle of hair color (2 for more intense color)
  2. Blonde 613 wigs or extensions
  3. Plastic spoon or whisk
  4. Large plastic bowl
  5. Hot or warm water
  6. Gloves

First, prepare your hair and remove everything on your wig, like labels and rubber bands. Please notice, the hair you are going to use in this method must be blonde color.

Next, prepare some hot water in your large plastic bowl, about 3/4 of the way. Then squeeze the bottle of hair color into hot water and use your plastic spoons or whisk to blend the color and water. It’s important to stir them all together so that there aren’t any uneven patches on your wig.

Finally, lay your wig into the color bath and let it sit in the water until it reaches your ideal color. When it’s finished processing, shampoo and condition it then let it air dry.

That’s it. Super easy and quick! Before this technique popped up on internet, I have never thought dyeing hair could be so ingenious. There is also a video to show you clearly how to achieve that gorgeous pastel pink hair color.

How to Color Hair Quick and Easy No Bleach | Dolahair